“Julia Corley is a delight to be with. She has a calming presence and a warm heart, with a gift for guiding the client to discover just what is needed in the moment.  Julia is wise in the ways of the body as a pathway to our deepest well-being. She is sweetly sensitive to the realm of emotion and intuition. A session with Julia is an affirmation of life at its fullest.”

A.K., Psy.D.

“Thank you. The Hakomi session was very helpful. I was able to get in touch with some very deep emotional and physical holding patterns which have been with me for far too long. I really appreciated your luminous presence and strength as I went through my healing process.”

Doctor of Chiropractic

“In these sessions I have learned incredible things about myself, and I found an internal source of power that I never knew I had.  Julia is a great listener and a wonderful healer.  Give her a try, you will be amazed.”

J.V., PhD.
Biochemist and Field Applications Scientist

“In the short time Julia and I have worked together, I have grown like a seed planted, watered, sunned and loved. My journal is full of poetry and thoughts on growth. I am stunned by the changes in my spirit.”

Stargazing Survivor

“Julia is an absolute light and a true healer. Her presence is soothing and inspiring because she is so centered and so loving…and because she has a love of life that is infectious.”

Surfer and Yogini 

“As a physician, I’m trained to evaluate everything through the evidence-based prism. As someone with psoriatic arthritis, I recognize that my well-being is defined by far more than the medicines prescribed by my rheumatologist. In Julia I have found a wellspring of mindfulness, comfort and relaxation… Julia has a gift – I have stopped trying to understand it and I now simply appreciate it and am grateful for it.”

O. C.

“I have had the privilege of being a client of Julia’s periodically for the last seven years (since she was at Plum Spring Clinic.) Initially, my presenting issue was jaw pain. Because of Julia’s interest in the mind/body/spirit connection, she “listened” and tuned in to what my body was saying through the jaw pain. I was only at the very beginning of my intellectual understanding of my own body/mind/spirit connection (at that time I had not integrated my knowledge), and Julia has been one of the practitioners who has acted as a guide and healer for me on my path. I see the difference in myself today, and she is one of the special ones that I am extremely grateful to. She may have been born a healer, but she has also done much to help herself grow in this dimension, which encompasses a very holistic way of being. Her presence speaks to the work she has done and I find it a very healing presence. I am thrilled to recommend her to others, without reservation.”

Certified Comprehensive Coach

Holistic Life Coach

“Julia’s greatest strength is her ability to be fully present. This idea of “being present” is something we folk into alternative therapies, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, etc talk about a lot. I think most of us aspire to it, and may find success in bits and pieces, but she is one of the few who really seems to embody it. She is able to be fully present not just with her attention, but with her entire being/body.”

Mother, Registered Yoga Teacher
M.A. Political Science 

“Julia radiates, she glows…there is warmth pouring out of her.”

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Massage Educator 

“Julia’s greatest strength is her ability to be open and accepting of the mysteries of life, love and the universe. She is soft, gentle, nurturing, authentic, mindful, safe, comforting, thoughtful, deep and compassionate. She has helped me to know my body and therefore myself in a way that informs everything I do.  Every action and every thought is a representation of who I am, and because I have been so supremely blessed to work with her for all these many years, I am able to live in this body…be in this life with joy and passion.”

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

“Julia is a delight! Her presence is calm, deep, encompassing, supportive and authentic. She has helped me feel recognized, supported and understood, and I feel a kinship and an ease being with her. She has taught me the importance of enjoyment, and inspired me to seek it out and create it in my life.”

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Movement Educator