Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

Hakomi is an experiential, body-centered method of assisted self-study. Another way to think of it is assisted meditation. It can be an elegant and efficient way to explore old patterns of tension and stress in your body, your perceptions, your behavior, and your relationships. It also creates a space for your inherent gifts to emerge and shine.

Hakomi was created by Ron Kurtz. The name came in a dream, and turned out to be a Hopi word meaning “How do you stand in relation to these many realms?” Its aim is to alleviate unnecessary suffering by gently increasing conscious awareness of self-limiting core beliefs. This core material is accessed by using brief periods of mindfulness to slow down and study one’s inner experience. It is particularly well suited to parts of your inner struggle and experience that go beyond words- that you feel, but that don’t make rational sense.

Hakomi is body-centered work. Mind and body are not seen as separate, so there is lots of attention to what’s happening in your body, as well as thoughts, feelings, and memories. My job as your Hakomi Therapist is to create a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, to be loving, present, and curious, and to help you study yourself by guiding your attention to your whole being, not just your thoughts.

The process is guided by five principles:
Mind-Body Integration
and Organicity.

I’ll pay close attention to things like your words, expressions, gestures, posture, breath, skin color, and my own intuition. I’ll also coach you in being mindful, and we’ll do “little experiments” in mindfulness to help to smoke out the hidden beliefs that create habitual tension in your body and in your life.

Somatic awareness, awareness of all of who you are, is a direct route to your authentic self and your innate wisdom. It also shines a powerful light on how old habits and patterns that once served as brilliant protective mechanisms now inhibit you from feeling safe, welcome, supported, powerful, free, playful, lovable, good enough, and the list goes on…

Practically all of my professional training since 2003 has been dedicated to studying the Hakomi method through Hakomi Institute trainings here in North Carolina. In fact, I may have more hours of training in Hakomi than all of my other continuing education since 1998 combined. I’ve spent many hours as a Hakomi client as well, and of all the healing work I’ve tried, I find it to be one of the most efficient and the most powerful.

I am a Certified Trainer for Hakomi Institute and I am on the training teams in the Southeastern US and Mallorca, Spain.  I’m also a co-facilitator for Passion and Presence®: Couples Retreats on the Art and Practice of Mindful Sex, created by my primary Hakomi trainer, Maci Daye. I am also a facilitator for Right Use of Power, ethics workshops combining power with heart, created by Hakomi trainer Cedar Barstow.

Hakomi is one of my very favorite things, and it feels like my whole life led me to it. I’m proud to say that I’m one of a handful of Certified Hakomi Therapists in North Carolina, and I’d love to introduce you to this profoundly transformative work.