Are you interested in cultivating body wisdom, a deep knowing that emanates from an inner source?

It might feel like your heart speaking, a gut sense, or the certainty of knowing something in your bones.
It may be a sense of clarity or resilience that comes out of a period of deep rest and relaxation.
It serves as a trustworthy inner compass, a reliable friend who’s always there for you.

Our bodies and minds are not separate.

The body remembers all of our experiences and acts as a storehouse for the unconscious. I have a heartfelt respect for how we contract our bodies to protect ourselves. Every chronic physical tension has a story to tell and an important purpose when it begins, but its protective function may no longer be helpful. Much of our tightness, restriction and pain is connected to outdated beliefs about ourselves and the world that will continue to create unnecessary suffering until they are fully felt, understood, and transformed.

I combine Hakomi Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Supportive, Attuned Touch to gently guide you into connection with your authentic, embodied self through experiencing who you are and how you are in your body in the present moment. My work is guided by mindful awareness, loving presence, skilled, nurturing touch, simple listening, and genuine curiosity.

I’d love to help.

It would be an honor to help you meet yourself in a new way. Self-exploration requires courage, but the potential benefits are profound. You must commit to taking time to focus on yourself, on who and how you are, and on what’s needed for you to thrive. In the light of your conscious awareness, insights bubble up from under the surface, energy moves, muscles relax, and emotions are felt and released. Stubborn, old blocks might gently dissolve, and clarity can emerge with a felt sense of what nourishes you and what it’s time to let go of. Your inner wisdom can become strong and clear. It helps to have a loving witness and guide.

I was born with a big heart and exquisite sensitivity.

I am a passionate somatic adventurer.
I walk my talk and deepen my knowing through a firm commitment to my own healing and growth.
I have a deep trust in our innate capacity to heal, and in the transformative power of love.

Here is my deep wish for you:

To become more embodied, relaxed, self-aware, and empowered.
To feel grounded, supported and resilient in your body, mind, and spirit.
To heal your wounds, and to feel tolerant and understanding of others who have not begun to heal.
To enjoy an increased capacity to seize the moment, sink into relaxation, or luxuriate in pleasure.
To have more grace, resilience, and ease during stressful times and transitions.
To experience abundant creativity and intuition, and healthy sensuality.
To know safety, vulnerability,and fearlessness.
To be able to accept, appreciate, and take good care of yourself.
To step into your deepest gifts, enjoying vibrant health and a rich, nourishing life.
To love and be loved, without holding back.

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