Conveniently located in downtown Hillsborough at Cedar Walk Wellness Center, my office is in a charming house built in 1902.

Can’t make it in person? I also see some clients via secure videoconference.

147 West King Street
Hillsborough, NC 27278 

I typically see clients in the afternoon Monday through Thursday.

Most clients come for an hour, and I give you a full 60 minutes rather than a “therapeutic hour” of 50 minutes, which is just too darn short.

If you prefer a longer session, 75, 90, and 120 minute sessions are also available.

Current rates are as follows:

$160 for 60 minutes
$240 for 90 minutes
$320 for 120 minutes

I also offer a limited number of 60 minute slots throughOpen Path Collective ($40-$70 for 60 minutes for individual therapy or $40-$80 per session for couples therapy). If you’re interested in one of these slots, just do these two simple things:

1.Check my profile page on the Open Path site to see if I have an opening

2. Check their site to find details on whether or not you qualify to access their network of therapists offering reduced fee sessions.

I accept cash, checks,and all major credit cards, including Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account cards.

Most clients keep a card number on file and enroll in Autopay, so their card is automatically charged between midnight and 2 am after each session. This keeps payment simple and maximizes our time together.

I do not file insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid for clients; and I am not a provider on any insurance panel. Here’s why:

Insurance companies require disclosure of highly personal information, the confidentiality and privacy of which I cannot guarantee. For your protection and confidentiality, I recommend self-pay if at all possible.

Insurance companies also restrict the number of sessions allotted.

If you choose to self-file with insurance, please note that I will have to diagnose you with a mental health condition for you to be reimbursed.

On the 10th of each month, my system will automatically generate the statements you can use to self-file with your insurance company or FSA administrator. You will also receive an email each month letting you know that you can log into my client portal to find these documents.

Whether or not and how much you are reimbursed depends on your plan, which I do not have any influence.

Please write to me through my contact form, which sends an encrypted email through Hushmail, to tell me a bit about what you are seeking in therapy. I will assess whether it’s within the realm of my expertise and get back to you. 

In the event of no-shows, cancellations, or reschedules made less than 24 hours in advance, the full session fee is required.

I work with adults only.

I see people of all gender identities for individual and couples’/relationship therapy.

Ideally, we are working largely in the unknown, exploring the mystery of who you are and how you respond to things. As Moshe Feldenkrais once said, “You can’t do what you want until you know what you’re doing.”

It’s not unusual for clients to have their eyes closed for much of the session as they mindfully sense their experience. You might be on the couch, the floor, the table, sitting, standing lying down, moving around the room, or all of the above in the course of a session.

Early sessions often include more talking to orient you to the way I work, answer any questions we have for each other, help me understand your goals, concerns, and what you’d like to shift, and hear some about your life and your history– what you know about how you came to be in therapy today.

I sometimes give suggestions for things to practice or explore between sessions. You’ll never be in trouble if you don’t do an assignment – you get a smiley face and a gold star with every session just for showing up for yourself by coming to therapy.

My primary go to modality is Hakomi Mindful Somatic Therapy, which I also teach in the US and Spain. Where appropriate, I also use Somatic Experiencing, Transforming the Experience Based Brain, Emotional Freedom Technique (a.k.a. Tapping) and Expressive Arts (where you don’t need to be an artist to use art for healing.)

My couple’s sessions are strongly informed by Maci Daye’s Passion and Presence work.

After earning a B.A. in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill, I worked as a massage and bodywork therapist for 17 years, mostly at Plum Spring Clinic and in provatre practice.

Beginning in 2003, virtually all of my continuing education was related to the mind/body connection, and my passion for somatic work and for Hakomi Mindful Somatic Therapy in particular led me to go back to get a master’s in clinical mental health counseling and a certificate in expressive arts therapy. My graduate internship experience involved working as a bereavement counselor with Duke Hospice.

Post-graduation, I re-entered private practice.

I am also a somatic educator and have been on the faculty of Hakomi Institute since 2015. In the past I have taught spa therapies across the US, tribal belly dance, the “Somatic Psychology and Therapeutic Communication” class at Body Therapy Institute, a somatically informed massage school.

It helps if you are willing to try new things, even if they seem a bit odd at first.

Two major factors in whether or not our work together will give you the results you’re looking for are your readiness and willingness to engage in psychotherapy and how good of a fit my presence is for you.

Our first few sessions should give you a fair sense of these things. If your curiosity and desire to understand yourself are greater than your hesitation or dread, we can work with that! If I’m not the right therapist for you, please be frank about it so I can help you find that person.

I value your feedback about what’s working and what’s not. It really helps me to tailor our time together into what feels most effective and meaningful for you.

Therapy is not just about working on what’s wrong; it’s also about noticing and celebrating what’s right and good. It doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth to be effective.

This is impossible to say. The kind of therapy I offer is not about advice giving or quick fixes. I usually suggest that you begin by committing to coming for a minimum of 10 sessions.

Ideally, we begin with  sessions every week or every other week and taper off over time or as you feel satisfied with your progress.

Beginning with a session every week or every other week helps us get some momentum and maintain a sense of continuity.

Somatic therapy looks at the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

It is sometimes known as body psychotherapy. It may include touch, movement, awareness of posture, gesture, and breath. It’s a holistic approach that helps you look at all of who you are, your embodied experience, and how you’re functioning. It can help work with experiences like shock trauma and early developmental trauma that often go beyond words and cannot be well attended to using talk therapy alone.

I get the 100% recycled ones from the co-op. Unlimited tissues are complimentary with each session. Some clients use a lot, and some use none at all. Both are perfectly fine.

Blue light is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in the Earth’s atmosphere. Blue is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time (courtesy of NASA.)