Mindful, Attuned Touch

Touch, combined with awareness, is powerful.

To be touched with deliberate reverence and kindness is rare.
Receiving touch with that depth of care,
and really paying attention to it,
is even more rare-
and can be profoundly healing.
I use touch to guide your awareness,
to help you study your experience,
and to support you in regaining a natural sense of ease in your bodymind.

My training in Hakomi Therapy has taught me the power of using touch to study our inner experience- how we relate to ourselves and others, and how we tighten inside to block out experiences that remind us of times when we were hurt. These habitual tensions can protect us from harm, but they can also block out potentially nourishing experiences in our present life.

Before using touch, I check in to be sure it feels okay for you and I move slowly, making any little adjustments that you suggest to help me match what your body is automatically doing, or trying to do, in a way that can bring greater self-awareness and freedom.

I’ve been a massage and bodywork therapist since 1998. I have studied a variety of styles and methods, and I’ve given thousands of massage and bodywork sessions in private practice, integrative medical, spa, and chiropractic settings. My study of somatic and energetic approaches to healing has revolutionized the way I practice, and as of October 1st, 2014, I AM ONLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING SOMATICALLY- learning to sense into, respond to, and transform the core the tensions in your body, mind, spirit and emotions. I am a firm believer that increased somatic awareness offers the potential for deeper healing and personal growth- more powerful and lasting benefits to you. This way of working is only a good fit if you feel curious, ready, and you are willing to commit your time and resources to diving deeper into your embodied experience. I am no longer offering conventional massage and bodywork- manipulation of your muscles for relaxation and pain relief. I’d be happy to refer you to one of the many skilled LMBT’s who offer conventional massage and bodywork in our area, if that is what you’re seeking at this time.