The Healing Relationship Compassion and the Power of Presence: an Introduction to the Hakomi Method

with Lorena Monda, Certified Hakomi Trainer
& Julia Corley, Certified Hakomi Teacher & Therapist

Saturday & Sunday, September 15 – 16, 2018| 9:30 AM — 5:30 PM
12 CE’s | $235 early bird rate by Aug. 15, $275 thereafter

This workshop will introduce you to the basic principles and skills of the Hakomi Method as presented by Hakomi Institute. The method is an elegant and highly effective form of mindfulness-centered, somatic therapy designed to support self-discovery, healing and growth. Both therapist and client use mindful awareness to study the core organizers of experience: beliefs about ourselves, our relationships, and the world. We use “Little Experiments” in mindfulness to gently unearth our implicit beliefs and the hidden barriers to getting more of what we want in life. The curiosity, warmth, presence, and compassion of the therapist, what we call “Loving Presence,” creates a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere for the clients to explore themselves like never before. Clients are viewed as being whole, intelligent, creative, and resilient, rather than as problems that need to be fixed. The body is a trusted source of information on this journey, and the aim is to restore a sense of embodied wholeness, a deep re-membering of who we are. You will learn basic skills that have immediate personal and professional application in psychotherapy, counseling, and clinical social work, which may also be integrated with bodywork and other related modalities. This workshop also ful lls the prerequisite for applying to the Comprehensive Training in Hakomi, beginning in the NC Triangle in October 2018.

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This workshop is FREE to registered Hakomi Comprehensive Training participants who have paid the full $500 Comprehensive Training deposit.

Contact organizer Nancy Donny to register at or 803-760-5257
Visit the Hakomi Institute website to learn more about the method

Hakomi Training:

I am delighted to teach Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy as a Certified Hakomi Teacher for Hakomi Institute on the training teams in the Southeastern U.S. and Mallorca, Spain.

Each of these teams has a training beginning in late 2018:

SOTHEASTERN U.S.: comprehensive training in Mebane, N.C.– begins October 5th, 2018
MALLORCA, SPAIN: professional training in Sóller– begins November 11th, 2018

For more information on workshops and trainings in the Southeast, please check the Hakomi Institute Southeast Workshops & Trainings Calendar. For more information about Hakomi Mallorca trainings in Sóller, Mallorca, and workshops throughout Europe (in English), please visit the Hakomi Mallorca website. For details on Hakomi Institute sponsored trainings worldwide, click here.

Customized Workshops and Retreats

I’d love to offer a workshop or retreat for you and yours.

What do you want to explore, nurture, let go of, celebrate, mourn, or punctuate?
Let’s create a sacred space for what has heart and meaning now.

My facilitation is grounded in years of personal and professional healing practice; my style is relaxed, loving, and spacious. I believe in having our time together be mostly experiential, so you don’t just hear about the subject matter, you feel it.

I can custom design something for you, or we can co-create it together. If you can gather a group of ten or more and cover my fee and travel expenses, I’d be happy to come to you wherever you are.